Price Guide


Players have adopted potions as a currency in Realm of the Mad God. Everything players trade between eachother has a value defined in pots (the acronym or abbreviation for potions). Although the market values are highly dynamic, the pots tend to have pretty stable values relative to eachother. The chief pot is Potion of Defence. Every other potion has a value in potions of Defence which has the acronym “def”.

Potion of Speedspd3 spd = 1 def
Potion of Dexteritydex3 dex = 1 def
Potion of Wisdomwis2-3 wis = 1 def
Potion of Vitalityvit / vita2 vit = 1 def
Potion of Attackatk / att1 atk= 1 def
Potion of Manamana1 mana = 4-5 def
Potion of Lifelife1 life = 6 def
Golden Ankh3-4 def
Eye of Osiris4-5 def
Pharaoh's Mask1-2 life
Golden Cockle3 def - 1 life
Golden Conch4 def
Golden Horn Conch1-1.5 life
Golden Nut4 def
Golden Bolt< 1 life
Golden Femur3 def
Golden Ribcage4 def - 1 life
Golden Skull< 2 life
Golden Candelabra4 def
Holy Cross1 life
Pearl Necklace1 life
Golden Challice< 1 life
Ruby Gemstone< 2 life