Complete RotMG Price Guide

We have a complete RotMG Price Guide put together right here on this website for all you aspiring Realm of the Mad God merchants. We provide you with all the tools of the trade. The know how, the ins and outs, the technicalities and the jargon. When you finished reading our guide you will bring it’s essence with you into the game and run the market like a boss. Item prices, market location, timing, buyers, sellers – you will have it all figured out and running like clock work.

A Realm of the Mad God price guide is not just about raw numbers. Prices are dynamic in and of themselves and players are not all walking the same line. Some want more, others want less. Some don’t have a clue, others have too much time on their hands and won’t budge an inch. Our price guide gives you the up to date raw data but also a broader and deeper understanding of the economics of the game.


Guide in progress

We have just posted the guide and it’s well under way. Potions and treasures are accounted for already and more to come over the next few days. Once it’s all in the database we will bring everything up to speed and make sure you get the real time price guide you are after 24/7. Whenever […]

Website up and running

We have just wrapped up the basic structure and information of the site and are now filling it with the content the domain name infers. There is a lot of research going into the guides we have in store for you so please bear with us while we finish off the last few figures and […]